About Us

Welcome to Reni Legal Consultancy

We are a full service legal consultancy who specialise in diverse areas of law.  What makes us stand out is that we offer unconventional solutions to most legal problems we are approached with. We  connect our Clients to the legal services they need based on our analysis of their legal problems and the potential solutions. Please contact one our representatives to find out how we can help you solve your legal problems…
We offer legal services in several practice areas including:

  1. Contract Law
  2. Business/ Commercial Law
  3. Company Law
  4. Receivership
  5. Criminal Law
  6. Intellectual Property Law
  7. Real Estate Law (Land Investigations & Property Management)
  8. Computer/ Internet Law
  9. CAC Filings & Company Secretarial Services
  10. Litigation (Civil & Criminal)
  11. Letters of Administration & Probate
Apart from the conventional legal services, we also act as consultants to our Clients, we simplify the most complex legal issues so that our CEOs and Business Owners find it easy to navigate the business arena and know what to sign & what not to.  When you think of Reni Legal, you are thinking of an out of the box solution provider who would let you see a wide array of ways to solve just one problem.